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UPDATE WEEK 1: I did it!!!! I reached my goal!!!!

My goal for WEEK 1  was to choose my  FIRST FOUR FRIENDS, tell them about JUBILEE FINANCE  and believe that they would be willing to join in the fun. For those who don’t know, JUBILEE FINANCE is a CHRISTIAN CROWD SOURCE FUNDING Platform that the Holy Spirit inspired my husband Pastor Warren to create.  There is a video and conference call  below that will help you understand.

Anyway,  I prayed and asked everyone on the prayer line to believe with me. Well guess what?  It worked!!! By the next morning, someone had joined just by being on our very first call.  I’M SERIOUS, WOW!!!!  I got SO EXCITED!!! They had already signed up and given their donation so  I woke up and  already had my FIRST FUNDER.  Since then I’ve had more than 4 friends join and a few more just about ready!!!  So exciting!!!  For me this has been a sign that God is pleased with this undertaking and His people are READY FOR DEBT RELIEF! 

Jubilee Finance Proof of ConceptNow I am setting a NEW GOAL  for WEEK 2   I would like to see my “TEAM”  ALL get THEIR 4 FRIENDS and I am believing for the wisdom to help them do just that! I know that might be a bit EXTREME but I serve a BIG GOD and what do I have to lose?  It’s either PLAY  BIG OR GO HOME!!! Guess what I choose?  :)

There is still room on my team for you. Use this link to find our more and join in.

Roxi ArthurIs it really possible to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN 50 DAYS?

YES IT IS and I’m going to prove it!  BUT I’M GOING TO  NEED YOUR HELP.

Hey, it’s Roxanne Arthur Grantham, (Roxi).  I have invited you to join me in this most exciting challenge.

Here’s the deal,

That’s a lot of 50’s and since I don’t believe in coincidence, I know this is THAT MOMENT. It’s time for FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

Please  watch the following video and listen with your heart to what Warren and I are about to share with you.  I pray that you will be filled with the same JOY AND SENSE OF EXCITEMENT that I feel when I think about what God is about to do through all of us!!!!!



Have you watched the video?  Good.  What did you think?  Any questions?  Please contact me and I will answer them and if I can’t I know the creator of Jubilee Finance pretty well :)

Do you have:

  1. ANY FINANCIAL STRESS THAT would be relieved by AN ADDITIONAL  $25,000* of MONTHLY Debt Relief ?
  2. 4 FRIENDS THAT FEEL THE SAME WAY YOU DO, who are WILLING TO  SIGN UP & TELL 4 FRIENDS?(or make a decision that on a planet of 7.125 billion, you will find 4 NEW FRIENDS)
  3. $20.00?

If your answer is YES,


Join Jubilee Finance


Join us THIS THURSDAY there will be a CONFERENCE CALL, 8:00 pm(EST) with Pastor Warren to answer your questions.  (559)726-1300  616927#

You will receive an email EVERYDAY that walks you through the STEPS to ACCOMPLISHING YOUR GOAL!

It’s that simple.  I know, I thought it was too good to be true when Warren first told me about it, but I looked @ the FACTS and it is simple multiplication.  Fabulous!!!!

The BEST thing for me about this CHALLENGE is that not only will I get to fulfill my dreams, so will YOU.

  • You will start relieving the STRESS OF NO MONEY and be able to focus on YOUR TRUE DREAMS and DESIRES.  
  • You will get FREE SUPREME MEMBERSHIP here @ Senergy Place (create your website, blog, eccomerce store) worth $29/monthly.
  • You’ll get the joy of knowing that you are fulfilling the words of Christ in Luke 6:38.

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full–pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.” (fund others and be funded in return)

~New Living Bible


And that’s the best reward of all!!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

Blessings, Rox

* not guaranteed, but available to be obtained

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